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Description :
Polyvalent starch molecule is widely applied nowadays for the production of bioplastics used for bags, cups, etc, which offer an interesting alternative to traditional plastics derived from petroleum.

Starch is used in construction for the manufacturing of plaster board: it migrates throughout the board and provides adhesion between the plasterboard and the wrapping paper while being gelatinized in the dryer section of the plasterboard production.

Through its range of starches, Tereos Syral provides cost-efficient and tailor-made solutions to improve the quality and processability of paper and corrugated board.
- Starch is the best way to increase paper’s dry strength and to improve surface condition, printability and processing. Adding starch in the size press can increase strength, whilst considerably improving smoothness. Ultimately, starch binders reduce the total cost of coating formulations.
- Our starches have been designed to enhance product performance in a cost-efficient way for the latest corrugators. Tereos Syral can also design and implement starch adhesives installations for the corrugated industry.

Starch is a carbohydrate feedstock for fermentation processes. Starch is part of reliably pure and consistent substances that can be used as growth substrates and media for the production of a large number of intermediate products and active ingredients which are essential in the pharmaceutical, food, feed and agro industries.

Of course, starch is widely used for animal nutrition, food and beverages.

Product family :
Intermediate products > Functional additives

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
Corn, wheat, potato and cassava

Environmental gain
Use of renewable raw materials

Geographical target markets, Manufacturing place, Place of supply in plant biomass, Additionnal content
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