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Wood fibers and powders / Lignocellulose: LIGNOCEL


Description :
With the LIGNOCEL® wood fibers and powders/ Lignocellulose range, JRS RETTENMAIER FRANCE offers high-quality and multifunctional products. In many industrial applications, these functional additives successfully meet the multiple objectives set in production, by the manufacturing process or for the product characteristics.
LIGNOCEL® is bio-based, it comes from natural and renewable resources certified PEFC and is biodegradable.

LIGNOCEL® is available in several forms: fibers, chips, powders, pellets and granules. The particle size starts at 40 µm for the finest grades and goes up to 5-10 mm for the coarsest chips or granules. Several species are available: hardwood (leaf wood) or softwood (spruce). Poplar, cherry, alder, oak, beech or fir species may also be available.
LIGNOCEL® can be used in multiple applications, such as building chemistry, plant cultivation and protection, welding electrodes, wines and spirits refinement, seed coating, filtration, surface finishing and treatment, animal hygiene, animal nutrition, carpet cleaners, paper and cardboard, (bio)plastics, hand washing paste, tanning of hides and many other technical and industrial applications.

Application areas:

Building chemistry
Mechanical reinforcement agent, absorbent, drying aid and workability for stucco, plaster, tile adhesive, filling and grouting for plasterboard…

Plant cultivation and protection
Carrier agent: transport and support media for liquid. Absorption and adsorption of active ingredients for powder dosing.

Welding electrodes
Optimization of gas pressure in the direction of the weld, strengthening of the coating around the electrode and extrusion aid.

Wines and spirits refinement
High quality toasted oak chips or not for wine aging. Available in tea bag, sachet or sausage bag and big bag. See BEST OAK® sheet.

Seed coatings
Active carrier, controlled release of active ingredients, resistance to mechanical pressure thanks to its flexibility, regulation of water thanks to its capillary network. Wood fibers are particularly suitable for coating seeds of flowers, beets, sunflowers or other vegetables. Possibility of combining wood fibers with other additives for coating (premix).

Organic filtration aids. They are coming from renewable raw materials. They form a porous filter cake retaining solid substances and impurities with great efficiency. They can be used with all filter systems (pressure, rotary vacuum, trays, etc.). As an alternative for example to diatomaceous earth.

Finishing / Surface treatment
Used in the metal surface finishing sector: drying (immediate absorption), cleaning (high oil and water binding capacity), polishing (constant hardness, softer than walnut shells), grinding (tribofinishing by vibration and gentle and rounded cleaning of the edges of sensitive surfaces) and shot blasting (the softest shot blasting media, polishing and absorbent effects).

Animal hygiene / Petcare
Litter for cats, dogs, birds, rodents, reptiles, rabbits, horses...

Animal nutrition
Used in feed and petfood.
Petfood: Improvement of nutritional digestibility, dental hygiene, control of hairballs, weight management in all types of petfood products (extruded, injected, semi-moist, cookies, dry mixes, etc.).
Feed: raw cellulose concentrate, insoluble and functional for piglets, sows, poultry, calves, young ruminants and fish.

Carpet cleaners
Ecological and non-toxic carrier agent by binding soiled particles for dry cleaning of carpets and rugs.

Papers and cardboards
Many advantages: increased thickness at constant grammage, improved sheet and profile formation, increased rigidity, increased porosity and increased productivity.

(Bio)Plastics / Polymers
Wood fibers serve as high quality functional fillers in conventional WPC (wood like plastic / wood plastic composites) applications such as, for example. e.g., patio tiles, facade elements and fences with load rates of up to 80% and provide consistent high quality and processing security.
Wood fibers are also used in bioplastics for the most diverse applications. (Ex: co-extruded pencil, furniture decor, from floor to baseboard ...). Functional and renewable raw materials, they can be implemented by extrusion, injection or rotational molding process.

Hand pashing pastes
Natural abrasive / scrub and viscosity agent (by its absorption) for hand washing pastes. In addition to granules of corn cobs or nutshells or olive pits (REHOFIX®).

Tanning of skins and hides
Gripping powder because raw skin is very slippery. Allows you to grip the skin well.

Product family :
Intermediate products > Functional additives

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
100%, Calculated by weight percentage

Environmental gain
Product from co-products of forest industry, PEFC certified

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