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Tara powder (grinded)


Description :
Very finely grinded Tara (Caesalpinia Spinosa) pods
This small tree is native of Peru but can be found in other countries within South America and also in some African countries (Marocco, for example).
Tara fruits have been used for thousands of years : there are pre-Columbian traces of the use of Tara mixed with Iron to obtain a black dye.
Nowadays, the two main uses of Tara are :
- The seeds are made into a food grade gum.
- The pods are widely used by tanners, because of their high tannin content (35-55 %), their Chrome VI sequestrant property, their excellent light resistance on leather and the lighter colour they give to leather, compared with other vegetable tannins. The two main constituents of this hydrolysable tannin are Gallic Acid and Quinic Acid.

Product family :
Intermediate products > Functional additives

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
Caesalpinia Spinosa

Environmental gain
None : grinding

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