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201, rue Louis Blériot
76620 Le Havre

Description :
Since 1862 SCRD produces, formulates and distributes vegetable extracts, especially dyes providing from tropical plants and tannins.
With a strong activity in the tannery industry, SCRD is now focusing more also on other industries such as agromaterials and textiles.

Business sector
Coloring extracts and tannins

ISO 9001:2015

Last update 09/10/2018
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5 products proposed by this supplier
  • Braziletto extract, powder form

    Pure aqueus Brasiletto (Haematoxylum Brasiletto) extract, powder form.

  • Oxydized Logwood extract

    Aqueus Logwood extract, oxydized. Available in powder form.
    Main usages : textile, surgical threads, etc.

  • Pure Logwood extract

    Our pure extract comes from the heartwood of Logwood, produced by a clean aqueous extraction. This powder-form extract is mainly rich in hematoxyline, the non-oxydzied form of its main colouring compound. This molecule is widely used as reagent in Biology.

  • Tara powder (grinded)

    Very finely grinded Tara (Caesalpinia Spinosa) pods

  • Yellow Fustic extract, liquid or powder form

    Pure aqueous extract, not mofified. Main components : Morin, Maclurin.

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