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Description :
With DIESTERlub ®, Novance/Oleon are claiming a leadership as the first European company to offer a wide range of biolubricants that meet the standards of the Eco-label established by Europe.

DIESTERlub® CSL 150 is a vegetable oil formulated for a better lubrication of the chainsaws with manual or automatic greasing.

Particularly stable to oxidation and plant-derived, DIESTERlub ® CSL 150 CSL 100 are involved in environmental protection and sustainable development. They are mandatory for use in natural areas as "sensitive" forests near water catchment areas, lakes, rivers ...

Product family :
Application products > Lubricants

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content

Environmental gain
• Biodegradability greater than 95%
• Excellent adhesiveness to reduce projection
and consumption
• Respect for the standard RAL UZ 48
• Products certified by the Eco-label 2005/360/EC

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Last update 26/01/2015
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