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Description :
MECAGREEN metal working oils are innovative micro-emulsions that have taken two years to develop by CONDAT laboratories.
Unlike mineral oil based products, the new MECAGREEN oils are made of a mixture of esterified basic oils that are of 100 % vegetable origin.

Regarding consumption, the oils drain away very quickly and the residual oil remaining on the work piece is halved, thus minimising the loss of product and reducing consumption by at least 30 % . The machines clear of oil quickly because the MECAGREEN oils easily glide off the components.
Concerning longevity of tools, this is considerably improved thanks to the synthetic esters of vegetable origin. Their lubricating power and their wettability limit the rise of temperature and improve the contact of the lubricant with the work piece. Consequently, the life cycle of tools is lengthened by at least 20 %.
metal-working applications with any type of metal (cast iron, steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium,…).

Product family :
Application products > Lubricants

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Bio-based content

Environmental gain
Excluding all harmful compounds (chlorinates, nitrites, heavy metals and silicones,...), these new soluble oils are user-friendly for the operators because they are non irritating.

Geographical target markets, Manufacturing place, Place of supply in plant biomass
Last update 20/08/2013
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