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Description :
EcoTechnilin have developed the bio-sourced FibriRock composite that is used in the lightweight SmartCart galley cart that will be launched in the second quarter of 2015.
FibriRock comprises flax/basalt skins bonded by a sugar-based bioresin to a regular Nomex core and allows the Smartcart to be the first sub-12kg galley cart to be rated for a 50kg load tested to the new 21J specification (which includes a 9g pull test).

The flax/basalt matrix is produced by EcoTechnilin in Normandy.
The SmartCart combines light weight with industry leading security technology and will allow airlines to save weight and cost whilst using sustainable, bio-sourced technology.

The FibriRock system leads to a rigid, lightweight and fast-curing composite whilst using green, sustainable materials.
The composite has been optimised to meet the mechanical performance requirements whilst excelling in the stringent fire, smoke, toxicity and heat release tests required by the aeronautical industry.
The heat release figures for the 5.5mm composite FibriRock panels of 15 kWmin/m2 (2 minutes total) and 18 kW/m2 (peak) are well within the target (65 and 65).

The aircraft and rail industries have a real strategy to use sustainable materials. They are also looking for to fast-curing composites: FibriRock cures 15 to 20 times faster than existing materials.

As well as galley carts, the FibriRock system can be used for a multitude of other applications in the aircraft and rail industries, such as paneling, partitions, tables, seat backs and seat bases.

Product family :
Application products > Composites

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Bio-based content
Flax, bagasse
85%, Calculated by weight percentage

Environmental gain
85% of renewable resources

Geographical target markets, Manufacturing place, Place of supply in plant biomass
Last update 10/02/2015
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