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Yellow Fustic extract, liquid or powder form


Description :
Pure aqueous extract, not mofified. Main components : Morin, Maclurin.

Botanical family : Moraceae
Botanical name : Morus Tinctoria or Maclura Tinctoria
Common names : Yellow Fustic, Old Fustic, Dyer’s Mulberry.
This tree originates in Central America. It is common from Mexico to Argentina.
Yellow Fustic is a big tree with a cylindrical trunk and grey-yellowish bark. The branches are thorny, the leaves fall during the dry season and the small flowers are beige.

This dye has been used for centuries, thanks to the great number of shades it gives with various mordants. According to Wikipedia, the main applications of Yellow Fustic, are :
• With bichromate of potash: old gold
• With Logwood and bichromate of potash: greenish yellows
• With Copper sulfate : olive greens
• With ferrous sulfate : dark greens

Product family :
Intermediate products > Functional additives

Sectors/Markets :

Bio-based content
Morus Tinctoria / Chlorophora Tinctoria

Environmental gain
Aquaeus extraction

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