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Vandeputte Oleochemicals

Boulevard Industriel, 120
7700 Mouscron

Description :
VANDEPUTTE OIL & OLEOCHEMICALS produces yearly about 35 000 Tons of Linseed Oil and 8 000 Tons of Vegetable Oils Derivatives. Our product range is as follow:
1) Boiled, Double Boiled Linseed Oils : the Veolin Products
2) Linseed, Soya, Tung,…Standoils : the Veopol Products
3) Blown Linseed, Rapeseed, Castor,… 0ils : the Veonox Products
4) Dehydrated Castor Oil : DCO
5) Vegetable Solvents : the Veosol Products
6) Vegetable Based Reactive Diluents : the Veolisol Products
7) Soluble Oils : the Veomix Products
8) Functionalized vegetable Oils : the Veomer Products
9) The production and development of Tailor Made Products is also one of the company specialities.

The products are used as raw materials mainly in the paints, inks, linoleum, adhesives, resins, varnishes, wood treatment sectors mainly as binders, solvents, polymers, diluents, viscosity regulators,…bringing special properties to the final products (gloss improve, anti-rust properties, water-resistance, hardness increase, wetting agents, flow & plastification properties,…)
In 2010, Vandeputte launched a new product range : the Veomul Products which are bio-based resins for decorative paints, allowing paint producers to switch from traditional formulations based on petro materials to bio-based products, in conformity with European Ecolabel 2009/544/CE
The innovative applications are in the fields of bi-lubricants, green plasticisers, vegetable based binders or other environmentally friendly intermediates for further processing
The main objective of the R&D team is to search and develop with our partners alternatives to switch from petroleum distillates to Renewable Resources

Business sector
Resin, inks, paints, wood, binders, solvents, chemical intermediates

Last update 08/09/2015
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1 product proposed by this supplier
  • Solvent Free Bio Based Polyol

    The VEOPUR product range is based on polyesters polyols partially or totally bio-based (80 to 100%). Those products are dedicated to the PU industry (coatings, adhesives, selants, composites,...).

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