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Biotec GmbH

Werner-Heisenberg-Straße 32
46446 Emmerich

Description :
Biotec produces and distributes bioplastic resins "Bioplast".

Business sector

Ok compost - 14001

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Last update 08/09/2014
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3 products proposed by this supplier
  • BIOPLAST 500

    BIOPLAST 500 is a plasticizer-free, thermoplastic material that contains natural potato starch and other biologically sourced polymers. The biobased carbon share of the entire formulation exceeds 50%.

  • Bioplast GF106/02

    Bioplast GF106/02 is bioplastic resin which can be converted by plastic converters into films in order to make bags and flexible packaging.

  • Bioplast GS2189

    Bioplast GS2189 is a bioplastic resin which can be extruded in order to make sheet for thermoforming an:or can be injected to make products such as: pens, cutlery, trays...

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