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86580 Vouneuil Sous Biard

Description :
FuturaMat's activity is compounding plant materials (wheat, wood) associated with conventional polymers or with biopolymers. The compounds produced are compatible with the current technologies of industrial processing of plastics. These new materials are used mainly by horticulture, packaging and technical parts.
The company works in partnership with its customers to meet the specific terms of each goal in order to go through all the steps of the development and thus to succeed to propose on the market an original product.
FUTURAMAT also provides all data to study the environmental impacts generated by the sale and use of targeted applications. Analysis of the life cycle have been carried out on some references and are fulfilled as requested.
From the point of view of product ranges, three are clearly defined: Polyfibra (compound wood / plastic) BioFibra (wood compound / bioplolymers) and Bioceres (compound / wheat biopolymers).

Business sector

OK Compost ; OK Biobased

Last update 25/08/2014
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4 products proposed by this supplier
  • Biocérès range

    A true alloy of wheat flour and a biodegradable polymer, BioCeres products are biobased and compostable. One reference carries the OK Compost label and the OK Biobased label.
    With the possibility of creating products from renewable resources, BioCeres products are ideal for using calendaring, extrusion and injection-molding.

  • BioFibra range

    The products range BioFibra ® is a real alloy composite wood fiber / biodegradable polymer. BioFibre ® products are compostable, bio-equivalent and offer degrees tailored to the different techniques of plastics processing (injection, thermoforming, calendering ...).

  • BioMine® range

    BioMine® products are ideal for technical transformations with using techniques such as injection molding, and are recommended for applications in agriculture, horticulture, construction, catering, pieces of equipment...
    These materials are made from biopolymers of vegetable origin alloyed with mineral charges.

  • Polyfibra range

    Polyfibra ® product line features the lignocellulosic fiber composites (beech, spruce ...) / thermoplastic (PP, PE, PS, ABS ...). The wood fiber is an expense: petrochemical substitution of carbon, but also because of its mechanical properties, reinforcement.

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