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Description :
EcoTechnilin is the European leading supplier of non-woven products based on natural fibers (flax, hemp, kenaf). Its production capacity reaches 11,000 tonnes per year thanks to two production sites in France and Poland. Eco-technilin delivers the entire world from Argentina to Australia through all European countries, Turkey, India and China. Its privileged links with its raw material suppliers allow to develop products adapted for many applications. Eco-Technilin supports its customers in the field of transportation, sport, building and design to take advantage of the exceptional properties of natural fibers and reduce their environmental footprint.

Business sector
Natural fibers Nonwoven producer

ISO 9001 / CSR Gold Ecovadis

Last update 02/08/2022
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11 products proposed by this supplier
  • Biosorb

    Biosorb is a 100 % natural filter system made of pine bark residues and flax and developed by Pe@rl society cooperatively with EcoTechnilin.
    It has the capacity to concentrate heavy metals and radioactive elements in fluids with an efficiency similar to ion exchange resin but easier to implement.

  • Feutralin

    Feutralin is an 100% natural acoustic insulating underlay for laminate floors. Made of flax fibres, it offers a durable acoustic insulation and a good absorption of impact noises (ΔLw = 20dB).

  • FibriCard

    Fibricard is a lightweight 100% biobased thermoset composite. Made from FibriPreg (prepreg of flax fibres and bioresin) in association with honeycomb paper core, its sandwich structure provides exceptional mechanical strength.

  • FibriMat LCM

    Fibrimat LCM is a range of 100% biosourced reinforcement mats developed for composite applications.

  • FibriMat LCM HD

    Fibrimat LCM HD is range of natural fibre reinforcement mats for composites for infusion and RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) processes which allow to achieve high levels of reinforcement in composites.

  • FibriPlast

    FibriPlast is a range of nonwoven felts especially dedicated to thermocompression moulding.
    FibriPlast products are composed of a natural reinforcement fibre in association with a thermoplastic matrix (PP).

  • FibriPreg

    Fibripreg is a pre impregnated reinforcement made of flax fibres in association with biobased resin dedicated to hot compression moulding.

  • Fibrirock

    FibriRock is a lightweight, fast-curing, heat-resistant composite comprising over 55% flax and bioresin – organic, sustainable components.
    It allows the SmartCart to meet all the mechanical, production and fire-related performance requirements needed for an airline galley cart.
    The Smart Cart is the lightest galley cart rated to carry up to 50kg.


    FlaxPLY: a comprehensive range of sized flax fabrics
    Available in UD150, UD180, BL150, BL200, BL300 & BL550gsm

    Ready-to-use flax reinforcements for the manufacturing of composites parts

    Unique and patented product range that allows to improve the mechanical properties, the vibrations absorption and the aesthetic of composites parts


    FlaxPREG: a full range of prepreg epoxy flax fabrics
    Available in UD150, UD180, BL150, BL200, BL300 & BL550 gsm
    Impregnating processes: Hotmelt Coating & Solution Coating


    FlaxTape©: a laminate of unidirectional raw flax fibers
    Available in UD50,70,110 & 200 gsm
    The bio-based and innovative reinforcement for your composites parts
    Also available as a prepreg epoxy version

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