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With our knowledge of natural products and biocatalysis, in FYTEKO we found a new way of developing 100% biobased highly active and cost effective biostimulants. Our expertise in plants receptors enabled us to develop a specific compound aiming to activate precise pathways in plant’s metabolism. Using well characterized compounds allowed us to better understand the protective roles and the modulation of signalling networks that control development and stress response in crops. This will also enable further improvements and breakthrough in the coming years.

Funded in mid-2014, FYTEKO was rewarded as one of the most innovative start-ups in Brussels and already won several innovation prizes. Our innovation can change the agriculture business dramatically, and the lives of the global population including its most disadvantaged ones. In an environment of increasingly scarce resources, we know that NURSPRAY and NURSEED, can make a difference in countering the adverse effects of droughts and heats.

Business sector
Agricultural biostimulants

Last update 03/03/2017
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    NURSPRAY® is a foliar spray Biostimulant, designed to help crops resist and recover more efficiently from stress conditions. This liquid formulation is based on a novel modified polysaccharide (Patented), which enables the plant to activate it’s internal tolerance mechanism towards heat and lack of water (e.g. drought conditions).

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