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Lambiotte & Cie. started its activities in 1860 with forestry and sawmill exploitation, producing railway sleepers. In a desire to increase the value of its wood waste production, the company adopted an innovative carbonization process to convert wood to charcoal. One of the chemical by-products of this distillation technology was methanol. From 1901, Lambiotte’s interest in chemicals grew with the production of formaldehyde from wood methanol. By 1970, Lambiotte’s passion for chemistry led to the use of formaldehyde as a reagent in the production of acetals and hemicetals. Since then, the company has continued to develop its expertise in production technologies, making it a leader in the highly specialised field of acetals synthesis.

We at Lambiotte are proud to offer a wide range of industrial acetals, manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment in a continuous process reaction. Our precision and technical expertise in this specialist field guarantees the highest and most constant quality and purity of product, allowing us to respond to each specific demand for synthesis of acetals and chemical derivates from aldehydes and/or alcohols.

A dedicated support team is available to give the customer technical advice, providing tailored formulae for many industrial sectors. In order to meet the customer’s needs, we propose the services of our application laboratories in aerosols, cosmetics, coatings…….to develop customised formulae. Indeed, every department in Lambiotte, be it production, quality control, sales, marketing, logistics or accounting is dedicated to customer satisfaction. A world-wide network of specialised distributors ensures fast product availability, delivery, and technical support to guarantee optimal client services.

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2 products proposed by this supplier
  • Ethylal

    Ethylal is a minimum 80% biosourced solvent with the following characteristics: Good toxicological profile (no labelling expect flammable), High solvent power (Kb value: 120), Surface tension reducer, Ideal replacement for MEK.

  • Glycerol Formal

    Glycerol Formal is a min. 80% bisourced solvent with following characteristics: high solvent power and fully miscible with water.

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