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22 terrasse Bellini Paris La Défense
92806 Puteaux

Description :
SEPPIC has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Air Liquide Group since 1986 and reports to its Healthcare activity.
For over 60 years, we have been designing and supplying innovative specialty ingredients - excipients and actives - for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, vaccine and nutrition markets. Our aim is to advance health and wellbeing.

We are a recognized leader for a range of product lines, and offer a unique combination of scientific expertise in the fields of chemistry, formulation and objectification. This covers polymers, surfactants and emulsion technologies, biology, immunology, the transformation of natural products, and more.

We combine the energy and responsiveness of a medium-sized company with the solid foundations of a large, international group. These advantages have enabled us to become a supplier of choice in the dynamic health and beauty markets. Through the recent acquisition of BiotechMarine, SEPPIC incorporates two new green technologies: active ingredients from marine sources and plant stem cell cultures.

Business sector
Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Vaccine and Nutrition markets

ISO 9001

Last update 26/03/2015
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16 products proposed by this supplier
  • Amonyl 380 BA

    Foaming and cleasing amphoteric surfactant


    "AQUACONCEPT " technology : thanks to an harmonization of the skin's hydrous flow, AQUAXYL TM moisturizes and restructures the skin.


    CONTACTICEL™ offers the skin protection against pollution; it effectively reduces the sebum on a polluted atmosphere with a visible lasting result.
    It is obtained thanks to CELEBRITY™, an innovative macro-algae cell culture which allows to produce large quantities of biomass from a rare algae Acrochaetium moniliforme that could not be cultivated

  • Montaline CG 26

    Montaline CG 26 Innovative surfactant to generate a long-lasting foam with a strong adhesion on vertical surfaces

  • Montane 20

    Sorbitan ester, nonionic surfactant emulsifier O/W

  • Montane 80 VG

    Montane 80 VG is a sorbitan ester : emulsifier W/O - defoamer


    Versatile O/W emulsifier of natural origin with a light feel, for all types of application and texture: spray to butter.

  • Oramix GB 10

    Oramis GB 10 is a blend of surfactants. It is a cleaning foaming agent. An alternative solution of LesNa


    Sepiclear G7™ is a concentrated non-ionic surfactant that is readily biodegradable.
    Sepiclear G7™ solubilises hydrophobic compounds, notably essential oils, perfumes and vitamin E, in aqueous media.

  • Simulgreen 18-2

    Simulgreen 18-2 is a versatile O/W emulsifier, for a extra-light skin feel and a "nude skin" sensation with 8H moisturizing effect.
    Simulgreen is suitable for lotion to cream textures without any soaping effect in natural emulsions.

  • Simulsol SL 10

    Simulsol SL 10 is a degreaser foaming agent.

  • Simulsol SL 26 C

    Simulsol SL 26 C is a nonionic surfactant O/W. Improves the degreasing power in detergency

  • Simulsol SL 7 G

    Simulsol™ SL7 G is a high performing hydrotrope especially adapted to the formulation of environmentally friendly detergents that comply with the criteria related to ECOCERT and ECOLABEL certification.

  • Simulsol SL 826 E

    Simulsol SL826 E is an nonionic surfactant with foaming and emulsifying properties.


    Optimized ratio of Ecocert-certified acacia senegal gum (or acacia gum) and xanthan gum obtained using an innovative process: the acacia gum coats the xanthan gum.


    SOLAGUM TARA, 100% natural gum (powder) can be used to thicken & stabilize emulsions and cream-gels. It also acts as a texurizing agent by providing them with a structuring effect and very soft feel.

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