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Kaneka Belgium NV

Nijverheidsstraat 16
2260 Westerlo-Oevel

Description :
Kaneka Corporation, headquartered in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan, was established in 1949. Kaneka produces chemical intermediates for the production of applications in several domains:
• Chemicals
• Functional plastics
• Expandable plastics & products
• Foodstuffs Products
• Life-science Products
• Electronic Products
• Synthetic fibers

Next to the plant in Belgium, Kaneka Corporation has sites in USA, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, India, Taiwan, South Korea and Australia. Worldwide Kaneka employs more than 8.400 people.

Business sector
Chemicals, Plastics, Food, Electronic, Fibers

Last update 24/06/2014
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1 product proposed by this supplier

    AONILEX is a 100% bio-based polymer produced by microbial fermentation from plant oils. The products are biodegradable to carbon dioxide and water under aerobic, anaerobic and marine conditions. AONILEX can improve biodegradability of other bio-polymers such as PLA, PBAT, PBS through blending.

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