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12 rue saint pallais
17100 Saintes

Description :
Lyspackaging offers both design and manufacturing services for standard and customised PET bottles and vials or made with zero oil 100% plant base

We strive to create packaging that matches your market and boosts your sales.

Lyspackaging's integrated global design skills make it a specialist in providing packaging solutions to the wine and spirits industry.

Our designs, technical knowledge and quick response times are key to enabling us to support you in these sectors:
- Alcohol
- Cosmetics
- Still and carbonated drinks, juices and hot-filling
- Foodstuffs
- Personal hygiene and cleaning products

Business sector
Beverages, food, non-food, cosmetics

Last update 03/01/2018
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1 product proposed by this supplier

    VEGANBOTTLE® is the result of patented technologies in the field of processing sugar extraction from sugar cane PLA and combinations of plant.
    VEGANBOTTLE® is a new formulation with superior mechanical and barrier properties to all PLA-based formulations biodegradable and compostable.

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