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Description :
Bio-on mission is to contribute to the protection and sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems operating through the modern biotechnology. Bio-on is an Intellectual Property company and supplies technologies to produce or use Polyhydroxyalkanoates-PHAs through licenses that restrict rights to a particular territory or to a specific business area.

Bio-on designed and patented the first fully bio-based (certified as 100% Bio-based by the US Department of Agriculture) plastic PHAs in the world naturally 100% biodegradable in water and soil (certified in 2008 by Vincotte) without using any chemical solvent. This outstanding product is obtained by natural fermentation of bacteria feed with by- and co-products of sugar production (no food). Bio-on bio-plastics have extraordinary properties suitable for injection and extrusion methods for the full range of strategic applications: biomedical, packaging, design, clothing, automotive.

Bio-on optimized and demonstrated the industrial production of this terrific bio-plastic obtained by using sustainable raw materials in order to meet the needs of a growing global population within the sustainable limits of the planet natural resources and ecosystems.
Bio-on grants licenses for the construction of production facilities and works with leading engineering companies to offer turnkey solutions.
Moreover, it realizes applied research projects directed to plastics users intending to replace traditional plastics with biodegradable ones, in this case Bio-on is able to characterize ad hoc products, even in fields of high range and engineering plastics.Not least the research that Bio-on can offer to its customers is about the development of technologies for the production of PHA from fermentation of different carbon sources.

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Intellectual Property Company

Last update 13/03/2015
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1 product proposed by this supplier
  • MinervPHA

    MINERV-PHA is a high-performance PHA biopolymer. MINERV-PHA is endowed with optimal thermal properties. This product is particularly suitable for injection and extrusion methods for the production of objects.

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